If you are sick and tired
of being sick and tired............
you're in the right place!

Celebrate Recovery is a ministry of small groups focused on
freedom and victory over sin. Whether your issues involve your
use of alcohol and/or drugs; someone else's use of drugs and/or
alcohol, uncontrolled anger, or control of someone else.
You will be comfortable here.

Connect with Dave or Cindy Herbert

Phone:  (412) 487-7220 Ext 536  or

email: drherbert2090@msn.com

Dave leads a group of men in recovery from
Drugs/Alcohol- substance abuse.

His wife Cindy facilitates a group for women who have  
loved ones with drug and/or alcohol issues.  
Barb hosts a group for women recovering from         
Drugs and/or alcohol -substance abuse.

Peg, Diane and Mary lead a group for Parents whose
children (both teens and adults) are addicted to

Al leads our Anger Management group for Men.
Mens Anger Management

Nancy leads our Anger Management group for Women
Womens Anger Management
Welcome Home
Dave and Cindy